NHBA Advocates for Outdoor Dining with Planning Board

The Town of North Hampton allowed Outdoor Dining during the 2020 and 2021 summer season with a simplified application process enacted during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic. The simplified process expired during November 2021. Members of the NHBA Board began discussions with the Town Administrator and Planning Board Administrator in an effort to allow restaurants  to continue this successful program again during the 2022 Season. Unfortunately, due to Planning Board Regulations restaurants would need to submit and go before the Planning Board for a Minor Site Review to be allowed to set out picnic tables for dining (if not in original Site Plans).

NHBA Board Member Luff spoke to Selectboard March 14 see minutes HERE

NHBA went before the Planning Board April 5 to ask that they continue the simplified application process. See minutes HERE

NHBA Members again attended the Planning Board meeting on May 3 when the Board approved addition to Site Plan regulations that pertain to Outdoor Dining on a TEMPORARY basis- this application is only until November 1, 2022. See Minutes HERE

After November 1, 2022 all restaurants that would like to offer Outdoor Dining on a seasonal basis must have a Minor Site Review and have plans added to their Site Plan on file.

See below wording adopted by PB related to 2022 Outdoor Dining Season.



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