We recently announced the nominees for 2020 Business of the Year and Stewardship Awards. Winners in each category will be chosen by attendees at the Annual Meeting & Awards, Tuesday  June 8th at Throwback Brewery. Here are the nominees in each category:

This award is given to the business that has done the most in the last year to improve the business community in North Hampton for the betterment of the local area and for their own accomplishments as a business. Our 2020 Business of the Year Nominees are:

* Elizabeth Grady Day Spa
* Gus’ Bike Shop
* HydroAir

This award is given to the business that most tastefully displays the space their business occupies. Businesses who further beautify their space through renovations and improvements that positively influence the visual appearance will be strongly considered. Our 2020 Stewardship Award Nominees are:

* Al’s Seafood
* Sagamore Golf
* Throwback Brewery
Join us on June 8th to help chose the winners in each category!
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